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Frank Bruni

To Ireland, a son’s Journey – Frank Bruni, an Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times 2012

“In County Kerry we also found the perfect place to stay, the Carrig Country House, on the shores of Caragh Lake, which is fringed with mountains unsullied by development. The Carrig Country House typifies the kind of inn that Ireland does especially well — more cozy than ostentatious, brimming with antiques, scented by wood-burning fireplaces, surrounded by meticulously tended gardens.

At dinnertime a piano player performed wordless versions of “My Heart Will Go On” and “Just the Way You Are,” and the two gregarious proprietors, Frank and Mary, milled with guests in a parlor outside the dining room, never at a want for words. In Mom I’d always envied that same press-a-button chattiness and knack for storytelling; the source of these gifts was now abundantly clear.”

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