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Alastair Sawdays Review

Magical gardens, a dark mysterious lake, myriad sitting rooms, opulent bedrooms and divine dinners, plus heavenly owners: paradise in Kerry? Alastair Sawdays review.

“This mid 19th-century country house looks onto the beauty and mystery of Caragh Lake, a supreme spot, discovered by Frank and Mary many years ago. They run their stylish house with a good-natured professional touch, he full of likeable charm and disarming patter, she, the interior designer, ministering with sincere warmth and a big smile. Breakfasts are memorable, dinners are divine – some say this is the finest restaurant in Kerry. Ponder the menu with an aperitif by the fire in one of six snug drawing rooms, then slip into the intimate dining room with its magical lake view. Superb bedrooms mix embossed wallpapers, sumptuous fabrics and fine antiques with more views; one stunningly exotic suite harks back to the Raj, but each room has its own grace and charm. As for the grounds… four acres of secret pathways lead down to the lough, 1,000 species of flowers, shrubs and trees, a boathouse and summerhouse hidden amongst the glades. All you hear is the distant clunk of the croquet ball, the rustle of leaves and the trilling of birds. Bliss.”