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John & Sally McKenna’s Bridgestone Review

A superb lakeside location, ambitious cooking and true hospitality make Carrig a hit on the Ring of Kerry.

“We have told the story before of how, when we turned up at Carrig Country House after frank & Mary Slattery had taken over and renovated and restored this spectacular lakeside house, that we actually didn’t recognise it as the same place we had stayed in not so many years before, when it represented the apotheosis of brown design and brown cuisine and brown hospitality.

In retrospect, now that Carrig has begun to win award after reward and accolade after accolade, that transformation strikes us as the Slattery’s mission statement: they were making Carrig their way, and what they did with an amazing design make-over, they also
did with the cooking – this is a seriously creative kitchen team whose classy modern, ultra-professional cooking is a treat – and with the hospitality, for there are few places that people seem to enjoy as much as they obviously
enjoy Carrig Country House.”

“A transformation, a transfiguration, a triumph.”

John & Sally McKenna
The Bridgestone 100 Best Places to Stay