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Crag Cave
Crag Cave is a colourful wonderland of Stalagmites and Stalactites. It is one of the longest cave systems in Ireland, with a total surveyed length of 3.81km (12,510 feet). The existence of the cave was known locally for years, but it was only discovered by cavers in the 1983.

Visitors explore the cave on a comfortable path, passing the spacious chambers, clusters of stalactites and other spectacular limestone formations. A Visit to Crag Cave will delight and enthral all ages and the friendly guides will be pleased to explain the origins of the Cave, describe its many beautiful formations and introduce visitors to a world older than mankind.

The totalled surveyed length is 3.8km which puts it in the top ten longest caves in Ireland.

Admission is by guided tour only and tours leave every 20 minutes and take about half an hour to complete. A craft shop, restaurant and coffee shop as well as children’s indoor play area complete the Cave Centre attraction.

Sheep Dog Demonstrations
The sheep-dog demonstration at Caitins is one of the most unusual – and popular – sights on the Ring of Kerry. Local farmer Brendan Ferris will introduce you to his sheep dogs. In the distance, a flock of sheep can be seen widely dispersed on the side of the mountain behind him.

Brendan then gives a fascinating demonstration of how sheep dogs are used to bring in the sheep on real farms. Responding to Brendan’s whistled commands, the dogs guide the sheep downwards. Miraculously, by the end of the demonstration all the sheep are calmly gathered in a pen beside you.

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Kerry Bog Village
Experience Life in 18th Century Ireland During the Famine.

The Kerry Bog Village, located on the beautiful Ring Of Kerry gives you a fascinating insight into how people lived and worked in Ireland in the 18th Century. The village is the only one of its kind in Europe and is one of Kerry’s leading tourist attractions. Ideal for families and tourists with spacious parking and a restaurant and bar onsite.