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The History of Carrig House on Caragh Lake

Carrig House was built originally circa 1850 as a hunting lodge, it was part of the Blennerhassett Estate. It has been mainly owned and used by British Aristocracy who came here to hunt and fish during the different seasons.

The house was purchased by Senator Arthur Rose Vincent  in the early 20th Century. Vincent moved here after he and his wealthy Californian father-in-law, Mr. Bowers Bourne gave Muckross House and Estate in Killarney to the Irish Government for a wonderful National Park. Bourne had originally purchased Muckross House from the Guinness family and gave it to his daughter Maud as a present on her marriage to Arthur Rose Vincent. However, Maud died at a young age prompting Bourne and Vincent to donate the estate to the Irish Government. Vincent remarried a French lady and lived at Carrig for about 6 years, they then moved to France. The country house history doesn’t end there, Carrig has had many other illustrious owners, such as Lady Cuffe , Sir Aubrey Metcalfe, who retired as the British Viceroy in India and  Lord Brocket Senior, whose  main residence was Brocket Hall in England.


Mary and I purchased the house in 1996. We are the first Irish owners of Carrig since it was originally built and we have renovated and meticulously restored the Victorian residence to its former glory. Over the past 18 years we have operated a very successful Country House and Restaurant and have won many rewards for our hospitality and our Lakeside Restaurant. We are members of Ireland’s prestigious Blue Book which gives us a wonderful picture window to our overseas visitors.


Carrig House has now 16 bedrooms, each individually decorated in period style with antique furniture. Each room enjoys spectacular views of Caragh Lake and the surrounding mountains. The restaurant is wonderfully situated overlooking the lake. The atmosphere is friendly, warm and one of total relaxation and our menus cover a wide range of the freshest Irish cuisine. Within the house, chess, cards and board games are available in the games room. Croquet can be enjoyed on the well-preserved lawns, whilst the gardens are a haven for gardening enthusiasts who may avail of personalised tours with our head gardener.

We love it, you will too……………