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As the true spirit of nature abounds throughout the Ring of Kerry, the elements combine in the timeless gardens of Carrig Country House Hotel. Set against the backdrop of the rugged beauty that Kerry and in particular the Ring of Kerry provide, the hotel’s gardens are universally loved and admired by all who are lucky enough to visit them. These four-acre gardens contain a magnificent selection of rare and unusual plants from all corners of the world including various species of acer, magnolia, cornus, acacia and eucryphia. Stay in Carrig and enjoy the most beautiful garden in Ireland.

garden in ireland

Cradled in a hidden lakeside dell it plays generous host to a wealth of wildlife native to the area. Nurtured by the unique surroundings, the gardens blend with nature to produce an ever-changing interest through the seasons. From the beautiful established borders of azaleas set ablaze with colour in late spring, to a vast array of autumn tints enhanced by the everchanging foliage of the many species of trees and shrubs found within.

caragh lake

From undulating carpets of velvet green moss through fern glades and stream paths, to cascading waterfalls and emerald lawns this is truly a garden for all seasons to be enjoyed by all lovers of nature and flora alike.

“There is a quiet spirit in these woods, that dwells where’er the gentle south wind blows, where underneath the white thorn in the Glade, the wild flowers bloom” Longfellow

carrig country house gardens