Here at Carrig Country House the outdoors has never felt so good

but the welcome is as warm as ever inside!
Paddling Caragh Lake

It is the start of a new season here in Carrig, we officially re-opened after lockdown on July 10th and it was wonderful to welcome back so many returning guests and to greet lots of first-time visitors to our country home. Here at Carrig and the Reeks District, we have always known there were something so special about our locality, but in the “new normal” for everyone it takes on an even more important role.

We are on the shores of Caragh Lake, with a lakeside view that only a few can boast. For many of our guests, the perfect start or finish to any day is a dip in the lake, it will definitely wake you up and remind you why Mother Nature is the best cure for all! Fresh water swimming has become so popular and it is a refreshing way to start your day. Many of our guests enjoy paddle boarding on Caragh Lake. If you are looking for a challenge and an adrenaline rush, why not try White Water kayaking in Lower Caragh, which has developed a reputation as being one of the best rivers in the Reeks District.

This summer, its time to re-explore Kerry and from the comfort of Carrig Country House you can plan a great adventure or a leisurely day, all within a comfortable distance from us here. Many of our guests are seeking an outdoor experience in quieter areas, and re-discovering the Ring of Kerry, is the perfect starting point. Discover some of Kerry’s stunning beaches, such as Inch, Rossbeigh or Derrynane.

We are in the heart of the Reeks District, where you can enjoy the 5B’s, Boots for walking or hiking, Boards for the fresh water or sea, Boats on any of our stunning lakes, rivers or on the coast, Bikes for a leisurely cycle or a stunning challenging route even for the most experienced cyclist and Body & mind, to wind down, to meditate, here in the perfect back-drop of Caragh Lake.

Our very own jetty is also not be missed, to take in a night-cap after dinner, to enjoy some “me time” with only the sound of the shore lapping against the rocks to keep you company or to enjoy Kerry’s very own Dark Sky Reserve, where you can star-gaze & plan your next day at Carrig enjoying time together!

Our garden is in full bloom and the perfect location for some reading time or a pre-dinner drink. Its also been known to play host to some local deer, who gently pass through, if you are lucky enough to see them.

We have always valued our wonderful outdoors here in Carrig and now more than ever its so important that everyone else enjoys them, safe in the knowledge that we have everything in place for your stay and you are tucked away from all hustle and bustle of crowds. It is a slower, quieter pace at Carrig, and it seems that’s exactly what everyone needs right now.